Our Mission

Kula for Karma brings therapeutic yoga and meditation to those most in need, transforming lives and changing the face of healthcare.

About Us

Our aim is to share the power of therapeutic yoga and meditation to heal and transform lives — one person at a time. Since 2007 we’ve helped thousands of people recover from trauma, addiction, health challenges, and adverse life circumstances.

Our programs are delivered at no cost to the student or patient, cultivating skills for well-being in times of stress or crisis.

Our success springs from our national network of passionate and expert teachers, each specialized in serving the needs of specific populations.

Our work is made possible by alliances with major hospitals, health professionals, schools, youth programs, crisis centers, leaders in the field of integrative medicine, and with the generous support of individual donors as well as major brands dedicated to corporate social responsibility.

Our experience makes Kula for Karma the most efficient, turnkey solution for hospitals, clinics, and other facilities to implement safe, effective therapeutic yoga and mindfulness programs that improve client outcomes.